From the results of discussions at a national seminar on strengthening rural banks human resources etc , revealed that the Bankers of rural bank complained natinal bank that it’s been rampant rural banks into the segment of micro and small businesses. Rural bank’s worries are understandable because the national bank that has trillions of rupiah assets, has many advantages compared to rural banks such as the better quality of human resources because each bank has a national education and training institutions themselves, a better numerisasi system , more financial resources , and better IT systems . So many advantages possessed than national banks may be compared to rural banks competition between them on the same segment like david vs goliath or lizard vs crocodile . In movies or theatre, david or lizard had a victory, but it is not the case with rural banks proved although the percentage of rural growth in bank credit is higher in nominal terms but can not be compared with the volume of national bank loans. In order that rural banks are not be bankrupt of course rural banks as intermediary institutions and the agent of development should receive more attention from the government and Bank Indonesia. For example, if the People’s Business Credit (KUR) at given to national banks, the rural banks should also be given the same opportunity. Or maybe link with the national program provided banks with low interest rates at least equal to the SBI (Bank Indonesia Certifiate). And many more ways to drive faster growing of rural bank. But it does not mean that nothing should be corrected in rural human resources of rural banks about the competence and integrity. Our expectations if the rural banks can be developed as expected, the function of financial intermediation to real sector mainly micro and small enterprises will be more cooperative even run smoothly. And ultimately will enhance national economic growth significantly. Amen

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